BEHERE&LOVE Q&A with Dannii Jordana


What is your most loved city? The one that makes your heart beat that little bit faster?

Bali has always been too close to my heart. Have been visiting this beautiful island since I was 15 years old and to this day I still feel the same about it, infact every time go back to the island I find new things to fall in love it. When you land you already start to feel at peace. I am in love with their traditions and also how each morning the women offer something called Canang Sari offerings in praise and prayer.

What is your more cherished yoga item?

Always my mat since it’s a reminder every day to step on it and do the best that I can. I love my gear from Be Here and Love - I love the whole selection of tops, jumpers, leggings etc... Not only a lovely brand but also a great reminder of grounding myself OM, of gratitude - the palms together 🙏🏾, of ahimsa - non violence, Lokah Samantha Sukhino Bhavantu - 'May all beings be happy and free'. I also teach with my crystal necklace - selenite protection stone, tourmaline - the grounding stone.

 Where is your favourite place for travel for adventure?

I love travelling the world and visiting new places and learning about the culture and the local way of life. Anywhere where there is sun, sand and water I feel content and happy. The sound of the waves and my feet touching soft sand really heals and relaxes.

What is your biggest love/passion?

My biggest passion and love I have been fortunate to live and enjoy on daily basis is to teach Yoga and to pass on the teachings from my teachers and their teachings.

And great thing about it is I get to meet new people from all walks of life, and I love learning about their stories, their passion and journeys in life.

 What is your favourite quote to live by?

It’s a mantra from my first yoga class to this day I live by that mantra and it is every day part of my practice: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu - May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all.

It’s a great reminder every day to do the best that we can.

 If you could make 1 difference in the world/for the planet what would it be?

To bring joy, happiness and freedom - I realise I would not be able to do this to all beings but the ones I cross paths with, I really hope I could in some way make a difference to human and non human beings.

Where would be your ultimate place to take a yoga class?

I don’t really have an ultimate place because I have already found it at the school I practice and teach at. Nothing compares to what I experience spiritually, mentally and physically every time I am at Sangye Yoga School and it is all thanks to the teachers in my life- Cat Alip-Douglas, Phil Douglas, Emily Lacy and Manizeh Rimmer.

Sangye yoga School is Home  :)

Share with us your favourite yoga pose or ritual.

I try not to attach to any posture as the body every time, requires different approach. My practice has changed now and I really tune into my body and listen to it of what it requires every day. One day could be as simple yet not so simple as sitting and meditating. Another day could require more of a challenge. Recently I am into heart opening practices and I am enjoying backbends a lot.

How do you replenish your energy after a lot of teaching?

I love crystals and incense - before bed I light up a Pelo Santo and Sage together and play calming music.

What is currently your favourite track to practice to?

Ohhh that’s a difficult one since they are so many. every month I am into different tracks - my monthly playlists on Spotify are pretty much my favourite tracks. Music is part of me and which is why I choose playlists carefully and try and make sure it accommodates well the Asana sequence.

How do you spend the perfect Sunday?

The perfect Sunday for me is teaching and practicing.

Tell us something spiritual you love to do or are looking forward to learning about

I am really into crystal healing and aromatherapy and incense. Before bed I also cleanse the space around me with burning sage and Pelo Santo. I put on my Himalayan salt lamp for about 1 hr before I go to bed and I am surrounded by about 10 dream catchers and crystals :))) 

 What does love mean to you?

Love is to be free, love is the absolute.

Love should not feel like a lot of work, it is not an attachment. Love for me is always doing everything for others and must come from the heart. When we give we don’t expect back - the giving is unconditional. 


* Dannii teaches Jivamukti at Sangye yoga School in London. 300 Kensal Road, W10 5BE