The BEHERE&LOVE focus for this month is AHIMSA which is featured in our new Autumn collection.

AHIMSA is derived from the Sanskrit word HIMS which means to strike. Ahimsa is the opposite of this and can be translated as ‘not to hurt, injure or show violence towards another being whether human or animal.’

Ahimsa is compassion and the virtue of living without causing harm.

Ahimsa is a non-violence practice that understands and acknowledges actions throughout daily life that corresponds to acts of violence. Whereas negative thoughts correspond to responses like guilt, shame, resentment and undertones of violence, Ahimsa challenges these awakening thoughts and echoes peace, harmony and love. In our words and inner thoughts as well as our actions.

Gandhi promoted the principle of Ahimsa, successfully applying it to all spheres of life, particularly politics. He believed Ahimsa to be a creative energy force, encompassing all interactions leading oneself to Satya – ‘Divine Truth.’

He once said that “In the Journey searching for truth I find Ahimsa.”

Through practices of yoga, Ahimsa is celebrated, honoured and taken through mind, body and soul into a calm, tranquil state.

It defines a necessary foundation for progress through yoga, and it is a precursor to Asana, implying that success in Yoga can only be had if the self is purified in thought, word and deed through AHIMSA.  

Ahimsa is part of our new launching Autumn collection that endorses and promotes the practice of  compassion and non violence in our daily life as well as in our yoga practice.